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100 Hayamin Icons!!

I took the musicon100challenge, and of course my subject was our Hayamin! Of course, her career is like dead now, but... I STILL LOVE HER SRSLY.

Feel free to use any of these icons, but please credit me if you do! And I'd love to know which icons you take, as well. ^-^


Warnings/Disclaimers: I don't own Hayamin! If I did, she'd still be releasing stuff... ;-;
Credits: My own scans/screenshots

01 Close-Up02 Candy03 Black and White04 Royalty05 Food
06 Mirrors07 Smile08 Valentine09 Love10 Hugs
11 Missing You12 Tears13 Bliss14 Popular15 Star
16 One Word17 Happiness18 Cute19 Heaven & Hell20 Natural
21 Dreams22 Kiss23 Wishes24 Beauty25 Seduction
26 Soft27 Heart28 Dress Up29 Cheer30 Summer
31 Fashion32 Pink33 Shy34 Light35 Flower Power
36 Silly37 Game38 Clueless39 Pure40 Thought
41 Freedom42 Dork43 Heartache44 Make-up45 Mischievous
46 Fairy Tale47 Blind48 Green49 Everlasting50 Rainbow
51 AC52 AC53 AC54 AC55 AC
56 AC57 AC58 AC59 AC60 AC
61 AC62 AC63 AC64 AC65 AC
66 AC67 AC68 AC69 AC70 AC
71 AC72 AC73 AC74 AC75 AC
76 AC77 AC78 AC79 AC80 AC
81 AC82 AC83 AC84 AC85 AC
86 AC87 AC88 AC89 AC90 AC
91 AC92 AC93 AC94 AC95 AC
96 AC97 AC98 AC99 AC100 AC
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